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Tim Meek: Website Design, Build and Hosting

For this project Tim approached us with a set of Photoshop web page designs generated for him by his own local Graphic Designer. Our remit was to take these designs and build a responsive, mobile friendly website from them. Through a series of requirement-capturing sessions with Tim we got to know his business and the goals for his website. Using Umbraco Content Management System we have built a website specifically designed to display the information he wants to relay to his audience, ensuring that each element looks great not just on a desktop but on mobile devices too.

Tim is also making use of our UK-based hosting services, within a monthly support and maintenance package which also includes domain name management and analytics tracking.

  • Domain Name Management
  • Analytics
  • Website Design and Build
  • Content Management System
  • Email Management
  • Responsive Design
  • Support
  • Hosting
  • Training

What they said

"I describe myself as a craftsman working in the twentieth century but with the skills and ideals of someone routed in the early eighteenth century. It will come as no surprise then to find that the thought of a website, let alone Facebook comes as a complete anathema to me. What I needed was gentle but effective guidance, a sense of professionalism, a grip on reality and a real appreciation of a heightened sense of an aesthetic. Craig handled my requirements (and if I am honest, me!) with sensitivity and firmness, never patronising and always responded swiftly to my foolish questions.

I feel sure that he brings all those skills to much larger projects than my small site but I can say he turned something I was dreading into a website that I am really proud of and which is receiving rave reviews on it’s launch day."

Tim Meek, Owner

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