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Website Design

Content Management System based websites for all size of businesses

With clients the length and breadth of the country, from local businesses to major financial corporations, we offer a range of website design and development packages to cover every requirement and budget. The key to our success is putting the best content management system (CMS) at the heart of your site, giving you the flexibility to adapt as you grow, no matter the size of your business.

All our website design and development packages use a CMS called Umbraco. We've been working with Umbraco for years now and have found it to be the most flexible CMS on the market. Its beauty is its simplicity. At its heart is a ridiculously straightforward framework that allows us to add whatever you want, seamlessly and with the minimum of fuss. It has a wonderfully flexible layout pattern that means that we - and you - have complete control over how your web pages will look, and it's easy to change them if you need to. Adding copy, images and links takes a matter of minutes - you'll love it!

Why Tayvista for Websites?

  • We design and build responsive websites meaning your content will look great across everything from a mobile phone to a desktop computer.
  • We use an affordable Content Management System, suitable for any size of business.
  • We offer a fully bespoke design service. We won't use pre-built templates unless you specifically ask us to.
  • We are very experienced at working with small businesses. After all, we're one too, so we understand what matters most to you.
  • We pride ourselves on friendly, personable service. If something isn't right, tell us and we'll sort it

All our packages include design and development 'out of the box' but also offer extras such as hosting, training, support and domain name and email management.  Get in touch to find out more.

Umbraco Registered Partner   Umbraco Certified Professional